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NFC Pet Tags Make It Easier To Quickly Find & Return Lost Pets

Published byEdith atFebruary 19,2024

The probability of pets getting lost is very low, but the possibility of accidents cannot be ruled out. For example: walking the dog without a leash, not closing the doors and windows tightly causing the cat to go out, cats and dogs voluntarily slipping out during the estrus period, or even escaping from the pet due to abuse.

According to the National Council for Pet Population Research and Policy (NCPPSP):
On average, 1/3 of pets are lost during their life cycle, and less than 2% of cats and 15%-20% of dogs are eventually returned to their original owners. Most of them use NFC animal tags and biological glass tube microchip tags to identify their identities and find their owners.

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When people pay more and more attention to the missing and finding of pets, many businesses see this market demand. Among them, PetHub is a technology company located in Washington State, which has developed a solution based on NFC pet tags, App and server, so as to store the identity of pets and the personal data of pet owners in the cloud. Users can access pet information by scanning the QR code on the animal tag or directly using Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality. This solution uses an ISO 14443 compliant 13.56 MHz chip.

The first thing most people do when they find a lost pet is to check the pet's collar tag, which usually has the owner's name and phone number printed on it. However, the numbers and letters on the collar tags have become blurred due to long-term wear and tear, making it difficult to read. The company's CEO Lorien Clemens said that PetHub has released animal tags that use QR code technology or contain NFC functions. Users can scan the QR code printed on the front of the animal tag with a smartphone (including the PetHub app) More data about pets can be obtained on the phone.

On the system, first, users create an online profile of their pet, including information such as name, breed, age, medications and allergies, as well as contact details for several emergency contacts. Users then get a QR code that embeds the pet's personal information on the tag, and pet owners need to pay a monthly or annual fee for the service of finding missing pets, whether it's for one pet or a family of pets. And the kind-hearted people who find the lost pet only need to visit the label to find the information of the pet owner. NFC pet tags enable faster access to data about missing pets.

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Over the past few years, NFC functionality in smartphones has become more common and convenient to use on the system. Using this short-range transmission version of RFID technology, the biggest challenge is integrating the technology into the metal tag so that the tag can reliably store and transmit data. So the NFC chip is encased in thick epoxy with a metal ring to increase its durability.

NFC represents new value in the market, especially when scanning QR codes is not possible. On the one hand, QR code technology requires people to reach up to the dog's neck and pick up the collar tag to scan, which makes the QR code scanning function somewhat challenging. What enterprises need more is to quickly identify pets and obtain pet-related information, and this application demand has prompted the large-scale deployment of NFC tags in life.

Currently, doggy daycares, spas, boarding places, and dog-friendly bars are on the apps. The enterprise's pet keeper places a smartphone near each animal, a practice that not only captures the pet's identity, but also sees further details, such as whether the dog is a "good citizen"—a measure of whether the dog has A record of getting along well with other pets. What's more, the technology customizes the data being collected for each operation and incorporates the specific behavioral training the animals have received.

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