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What are RFID Cards and What Benifits of RFID Cards Work?

Published byEdith atFebruary 19,2024

Learn about What are RFID cards from RFIDSilicone

What are RFID cards? Where is the RFID card that we see everywhere in our lives, let me tell you.

RFID is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification, and RFID card is also called radio frequency identification card. Currently on the market, the standard protocols used by RFID cards are ISO10536, ISO14443, ISO15693 and ISO18OOO. The most widely used are ISO14443 and ISO15693. Most membership cards are 125KHz RFID cards. Bus cards, meal cards, access control cards, etc. can be LF 125KHz cards or HF 13.56MHz RFID cards.

What are RFID cards made of?

RFIDSilicone‘ s RFID cards are made of PVC, RFID Antenna (Copper Coin/Aluminum) and RFID chips, the card surface can be printed on one side or two sides of the pattern, LOGO, text, two-dimensional code, serial code, etc.

RFID cards are made of PVC, RFID Antenna (Copper CoinAluminum) and RFID chips

What are RFID cards' advantages?

I want to take an RFID credit card as an example. RFID credit cards are endowed with RFID technology. When you are using your credit card, the radio frequency will replace the magnetic stripe to communicate with the payment terminal. RFID technology allows you to tap or wave your credit card near a card reader or ATM.

 RFID credit cards are endowed with RFID technology

According to different methods, RFID cards are classified into the following categories:

1. From the size of RFID card, it can be divided into: standard card, non-standard card and special-shaped card.

The size of standard card is: 85.5*54*0.76mm, which is the size of a credit card. Non-standard cards are other size PVC cards with RFID chips with a thickness of 0.76mm. ​Special-shaped card is an RFID tag that is not the size or appearance of the card. Common special-shaped cards include: keychain cards, RFID wristbands, and RFID glue cards.

Keychain card is the most widely used in domestic community access control, can be used to swipe the community access control or access barriers. RFID Wristbands are waterproof, easy to carry. Their are include disposable wristbands and reusable wristbands. Disposable wristbands are widely used in the medical field, and reusable wristbands are widely used in projects such as bathing centers or water parks. RFID epoxy cards is exquisite appearance, can be used as accessories, and has the function of RFID card, RFID/NFC epoxy tag  can be made into various shapes and sizes, and text patterns can be printed on it.

2. According to the power supply mode, it is divided into passive cards and active cards.

There is no battery in the passive card. It uses the beam power supply technology to convert the received radio frequency energy into a DC power supply to supply power to the circuit in the card. Its operating distance is shorter than that of an active card, but it has a long life and does not require high working environment.
Active means that there is a battery in the card to provide power, which has a long operating distance, but has a limited life span, a larger volume, and a high cost, and it is not suitable for working in harsh environments.

3. According to frequency, it is divided into low frequency radio frequency card, high frequency radio frequency card and ultra high frequency radio frequency card.

There are mainly two types of low-frequency radio frequency cards: 125kHz and 134.2kHz. The low-frequency system is mainly used in short-distance, low-cost applications, such as most access control, campus cards, animal supervision, and cargo tracking.
The frequency of the high-frequency radio frequency card is mainly 13.56MHz, and the intermediate frequency system is used for access control and application systems that need to transmit large amounts of data.
UHF radio frequency cards are mainly 860MHz~960MHz, etc. UHF systems are used in occasions that require long reading and writing distances and high reading and writing speeds. The antenna beam direction is narrow and the price is higher. Application in charging and other systems.

4. According to the different modulation methods, it can be divided into active and passive.

The active radio frequency card uses its own radio frequency energy to actively send data to the reader;
Passive radio frequency card uses modulated scattering method to transmit data. It must use the carrier of the reader to modulate its own signal. This type of technology is suitable for access control or traffic applications, because the reader can ensure that only radio frequencies within a certain range are activated Card.

5.According to the role of the card (working distance is less than 1 cm distance can be divided into close coupling), close coupling card (working distance less than 15 cm), loose coupling card (working distance about 1 meter) and long-distance card (working distance from 1 Meters to 10 meters or even farther).

6. According to the chip, it is divided into read-only card, read-write card and CPU card.

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