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What Are the Applications of Rugged RFID Nail Tags?

Published byEdith atNovember 24,2023

RFID Tree Nail Tag from CXJ RFIDSilicone

Rugged RFID nail tags for Tree Management

RFID products in the new special tag - RFID nail tags. It is a unique RFID tag, named RFID nail tag because of its nail shape. It can easily be embedded in trees or wooden containers to mark various assets.

RFID nail tag design is rugged, with high resistance to moisture, vibration and impact. This RFID tag is made of refined mold, advanced anticorrosion and high-temperature resistant material, internal packaging RFID chip (LF/HF/UHF), filled with epoxy resin, through ultrasonic welding combination, can protect the internal RFID chip and antenna in the process of installation and use.

The main features of RFID nail tags:

  • Fast, safe installation - Labels are easy to place and almost impossible to remove.
  • Sturdy and reliable - resistant to moisture, thermal fluctuations, vibration and shock.

RFID Nail Tag from CXJ RFIDSilicone

According to the working frequency RFID nail tags can be divided into: low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency.

125KHz RFID nail tag

  • ​It is mainly used in forestry research to mark live trees. It has good waterproof and moisture resistance, and also shows a stable reading and writing level in extreme temperatures.
  • Applicable to all kinds of precious and rare wood management, garden vegetation management, urban greening management, etc.

HF RFID/NFC nail tags

  • It is suitable for security inspection, high-grade wood anti-counterfeit tracing, outdoor engineering inspection management, etc.

UHF RFID nail tag

  • Can be installed in pallets and containers to enable accurate real-time tracking and provide the data needed to optimize industrial processes, workflows and inventory management. Suitable for packaging, vehicle marking, agricultural machinery management, inventory management, etc.

Installation method:

Drill holes in the surface of the object and pin them in. It is recommended that the size of the drill hole be no less than ¢5*33mm, and be nailed in with a rubber hammer. Suitable for installation of cement products, prefabricated parts, plastic products, trees and other non-metallic articles.


It is suitable for all kinds of non-metallic goods management, security inspection, packaging identification, vehicle identification, park management, tree management and other assets identification management system.

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