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RFID Jewelry Management Solution

Published byEdith atFebruary 19,2024

RFID Jewelry Management Solution

Why RFID Jewelry Management Is a Trend?

Is your jewelry store safe? Learn the benefits of RFID jewelry management: Prevention of Theft and Instant Item Computing. In the field of RFID jewelry application, well-known jewelry brands using RFID technology include "cleor", "Jade Jewellery", "Psychic Jewelry", "Chow Tai Sang", "Chow Tai Fook" and so on.

What is RFID and what application in the jewelry industry?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a communication technology that can identify specific targets and read & write related data through radio signals without the need to establish mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and the specific target. According to the frequency, RFID is divided into low frequency (LF) 125KHz and 134KHz, high frequency (HF) 13.56MHz, ultra-high frequency (UHF) and 860M-960MHz. 

The application of RFID in the jewelry industry is highly innovative. It not only helps to improve work efficiency, but also collects and analyzes big data, and quickly helps merchants understand customer needs and customize sales strategies. The jewelry industry uses UHF RFID jewelry tags to provide data collection and data analysis for eight scenarios of jewelry exhibition hall sorting, allocation and directional finding, jewelry store rapid inventory, intelligent settlement, customer behavior analysis, anti-counterfeiting and anti-string, access control and anti-theft, and fixed asset management.

What Difficulties in the Jewelry Industry?

  1. Warehouse Perspective
    Inefficient inventory of goods;
    Items are entered into inventory one by one;
    Human behavior is prone to error;
    Exchange lost.
  2. Product Perspective
    Difficult to categorize;
    Commodity settlement is prone to errors;
    Buyers wait a long time;
    Inventory goods take a long time;
    Increase labor time cost.

  3. Data Perspective
    Unable to count daily traffic;
    There is no forecast for hot and cold sales of goods;
    Inability to visually address the pain points faced by the company.

RFID Jewelry Tags and Solution from RFIDSilicone

RFID Jewelry Management Solution By RFIDSilicone

8 core scenarios for the jewelry industry

Smart Shielding Box for RFID Jewelry Management

1. Sorting and Allocation

  • Improve the processing speed and accuracy of store acceptance and warehousing;
  • Perform automatic positioning access to find the storage location of the goods.
  • No need to open the package, move it to count the type and quantity of inventory items.

2. Quick Inventory

  • Multiple tags can be read at one time using RFID inventory shooting;
  • Even if the tag is blocked, all tag information can be read in groups;
  • The inventory is comprehensively simplified, and the handheld can scan the goods at one time from a long distance.

Handheld Inventory Device for RFID Jewelry Management

Orientation to Find Goods

3. Orientation to Find Goods

  • Accurate group reading is possible when located within the electromagnetic field of the reading device;
  • RFID can distinguish, identify, and track to achieve positioning;
  • Significantly improve standardized management, reduce management costs, and improve operational efficiency.

4. Smart Settlement

  • Simplify the settlement process, reduce labor intensity, and provide a fashionable and convenient shopping experience;
  • Settlement function: improve settlement efficiency, reduce labor costs, and save personnel expenses;
  • Improve the efficiency of cashier settlement, RFID can quickly identify and reduce the chance of human error;
  • Summarize five countermeasures: "Fast, accurate, more, stable, and economical" to easily deal with "0" errors.

Smart Settlement for RFID Jewelry Management

Smart Check Pallet for RFID Jewelry Management

5. Commodity Analysis​

  • Get the dynamic data of the exhibition hall for statistics of best-selling models;
  • Collect customer try-on data and analyze, try-on conversion rate;
  • Targeted promotion of new product information based on customer data analysis;
  • Get real-time visibility into inventory, hot and cold items, and business conditions for the day.

6. Anti-counterfeiting Anti-string

  • Realize one object, one code detection and monitoring;
  • Real-time grasp of commodity storage status;
  • Tracking and management from wholesale to retail;
  • Real-time prevention of omissions, theft, and packet loss.

Anti-counterfeiting and anti-string RFID jewelry tags

Anti-theft Access Gate for RFID Jewelry Management

7. Anti-theft Access Gate

  • Recognition work without human intervention;
  • Automatically identify target objects and obtain relevant data;
  • Automatic alarm for unpaid goods entering and exiting the anti-theft door.

8. Fixed Asset Management

  • Quick inventory, no need to scan one by one;
  • Real-time recording of repair and maintenance data;
  • Asset flow monitoring and alarm.

RFID Tag for Fixed Asset Management

RFID jewelry management solution design (as follow)

Jewelry Management RFID Solution Design

RFID System Implementation-Application of Hardware Equipment

UHF RFID Jewelry Tags from RFIDSilicone

CXJ UHF RFID Jewelry Tags

  • Long life and no mechanical failure;
  • The serial number is unique, durable and safe;
  • High capacity (1Bit—1024Bit), readable and writable, and updateable.

RFID Label Printer from RFIDSilicone

CXJ RFID Label Printer

  • 200pcs labels can be printed in one minute;
  • Supports printing of labels of any size;
  • No need for artificial intelligence to measure tag chip spacing;
  • One-click automatic detection and calibration of RFID tag antenna position function;
  • A printing device that visually prints the content of the label on the surface of the label.

RFID fixed reader from RFIDSilicone

CXJ RFID Fixed Reader

  • Fast group reading without manual intervention;
  • High-speed movement and simultaneous identification of multiple RFID tags;
  • Stable and strong performance, support long-term continuous work.

CXJ Card Issuing Machine

CXJ Card Issuing Machine

  • Output power up to 30dBm (adjustable);
  • Low power consumption design, single +9V power supply;
  • Operating frequency 860~868MHz, 902~928MHz;
  • Support USB (Slave), RS232, RJ45 (TCPIP) and other communication interfaces.

UHF Handheld Reader Device for Inventory from RFIDSilicone

UHF Handheld Reader Device for Inventory 

  • Quad-core processor, stable performance, large-capacity high-speed storage;
  • 8000mAh large-capacity battery, continuous work for more than 12 hours;
  • Powerful wireless communication function, support wifi, bluetooth, 4G full Netcom;
  • 1.5 meters natural drop resistance, 20S group reading 200 labels, reading distance 7 meters.

Smart Check Pallet from RFIDSilicone

Smart Check Pallet

  • Capture customer behavior for data analysis
  • Display jewelry information Physical Exam
  • Jewelry Matching

Smart Shielding Box from RFIDSilicone

Smart Shielding Box

  • Enhance the RF signal in the box to resist external interference;
  • The recognition ability is super accurate, creating "0" error;
  • Save operating time, simplify processes and increase productivity.

Smart Settlement Plate from RFIDSilicone

Smart Settlement Plate

  • Simplify multiple-buy pricing and save time;
  • Increase the speed of skip-the-line and enhance the shopping experience of buyers;
  • Accurate identification: model, color, style, item number, size, etc.

RFID System Implementation-Mobile APP

RFID System Implementation-Mobile APP -  - RFIDSilicone Solution

RFID system implementation-PC terminal management platform

RFID system implementation-store PC management platform - RFIDSilicone Solution

RFID system implementation-data statistics

  1. Inventory
    Stock Age Analysis.
    Inventory, sales, inventory analysis.
    Inventory Dynamic Analysis.
  2. Statistics
    Inventory Statistics.
    Passenger flow statistics.
    Profit Statistics
  3. Sales Analysis
    Hot &cold sales analysis.
    Merchandise sales trends.
    Sales ratio.
  4. Customer Big Bata
    Consumption data.
    Customer secondary analysis.
    Return and Exchange Statistics

Comprehensive information management of RFID

Comprehensive information management of RFID

  1. Basic Application
    RFID read & write module, Store inventory, Store cashier.
  2. Standard Application
    RFID read & write module, Store management, Member management, Invoicing management.
  3. Advanced Application
    RFID read & write module, Store management, Chain distribution management, Financial Management, Inbound and outbound management.

RFID Jewelry Application Cases

Major jewelry companies have begun to adopt RFID technology.

Major jewelry companies have begun to adopt RFID technology

RFID technology has been recognized and widely used in many industries, such as: jewelry, clothing, libraries, public transportation, production management, ID card and ticket management, museums, hotels, access control systems, food safety traceability and other fields. 

In this RFID project case - RFID jewelry management solution, we have the ability to provide related RFID Soft & Hardware Equipment. We can provide high quality RFID jewelry labels, RFID readers, label printers and more. It would be perfect if you could have a local RFID system supplier, if not, don't worry, our RFID software engineers are capable of designing custom software systems.
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