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CXJ Employees Actively Participate in Community Activities

Published byEdith atApril 23,2024

On the afternoon of May 21, 2022, employees of CXJ RFID factory actively participated in the fun sports meeting of youth workers (community Youth Union) of "Youth with Party in Mind, Innovation Journey together" held in Jutang Community, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China.

CXJ Employees Actively Participate in Community Activities
Through the fun physical games and sports in various forms, the participants will develop team cohesion.  After the wonderful competition,CXJ workers all won rich competition prizes and were very happy.  
The wonderful activities organized by the community inspired the firm ideals of young workers, encouraged the young people in the community to stay true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind, and forge ahead to enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of the young workers in the community, thus making jutang youth's struggle more solid.

CXJ Employees Actively Participate in Community Activities-2
The employees of the CXJ RFIDSilicone factory are also part of the youth in the Jutang community. As a responsible enterprise, we are in line with the goals of community activities. We hope to inspire the firm ideals and beliefs of the innovative beauty, enhance the innovative beauty's sense of belonging and happiness, and make the CXJ people work together and achieve together.
In the process of manufacturing and producing RFID label products, CXJ RFIDSilicone people has always maintained vitality and passion, insisted on excellent work, and provided customers with first-class RFID products to satisfy customers.
We are a reliable RFID Tags Manufacturer - RFIDSilione, we adhere to the belief of "Make Your RFID & NFC A Reality" and are are committed to making Your RFID & NFC realize.
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