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April to May 2022 Chuangxinjia Monthly Summary Meeting

Published byEdith atJune 24,2024

April to May 2022 Chuangxinjia Monthly Summary Meeting was successfully completed on June 9, 2022.

The conference opened with a hot dance performance Babe by Shelley's dance team, which excited the Chuangxinjia staff!

Then, our best characteristic of the corporate culture "Military + home + school". The CXJ employee on the stage followed instructor's password, with clean and neat movements, neat and loud voice, showing the spirit of the CXJ people and determination to fight.

CXJ sales Champion team

Then came the awarding session. The awards were monthly individual performance champion, runner-up, third runner-up and equity certificate award, and Renee Tan, the winner of sales performance champion, spoke on behalf. Congratulations soar team Xu Fang with outstanding performance to get the team equity prize! Thanks to every CXJ employee for their contribution to the company. 

Tony Wu, chairman of Chuangxinjia

Finally, Tony Wu, chairman of Chuangxinjia, expressed his thanks to every employee for their efforts and encouraged them to open large orders with the help of the team and the company. Published the blueprint of Chuangxinjia's development plan for the next three years, and looked forward to a better future with the employees.

Leader's speech

Then the general manager of the factory, the deputy director of the factory, the director of the R&D center and the director of foreign trade, Long Level and so on, made a summary for each department, and timely solved the problems of the good people in the meeting, and put forward efficient solutions.

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