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Do You Know How To Use A NFC Mobile Phone?

Published byEdith atMarch 19,2024

The magic NFC function of NFC mobile phone

Friends who have NFC mobile phone! Attention!! Have you mastered these NFC functions already?

NFC means Near Field Communication. Most NFC mobile phone users know that there is this NFC function on their mobile phones, but they don't know how to use it, and they don't usually use it. So how should it be used and its powerful functions can be exerted. Let’s take a look at this powerful technology today!

First of all, it can act as a bus and subway card.

A NFC mobile phone with NFC function can use the mobile phone as a bus and subway card after turning on this function. Is it really convenient?

What are the benefits?

  • When you forget to take the bus and subway card to go out, you can just swipe it with your mobile phone when you want to take the bus and subway. You should know that because you often use your mobile phone to pay and you don’t have cash or change, forgetting to bring your bus and subway card is a very troublesome thing.
  • When traveling in an unfamiliar city, you don’t have to bother to apply for a local bus or subway card, and you don’t have to bother to line up to buy a subway ticket. You just need to open the local subway card on your mobile phone and swipe it with your mobile phone.

Secondly, NFC can not only serve as a bus card metro card, but also recharge the bus card metro card.

Turn on the NFC function, and then press the bus subway card close to the back of the phone, you can recharge the bus subway card through WeChat, Alipay and other apps, saving you the trouble of waiting in line offline.

The application of access control cards is also very extensive nowadays, regardless of whether it is entering or exiting residential quarters, company access control cards, etc., in order to facilitate management and safety considerations, access control is set up. Usually you need to apply for a special access card, and then you can enter and exit by swiping the card. So there will be an embarrassing phenomenon, someone will be blocked by the door because they forget to bring the access card. In the same way, you only need to copy the information in the access control card to the NFC mobile phone, and swipe the NFC function of the mobile phone every time you exit the door.

Cashless NFC payment function

Is the technology of NFC amazing and powerful? Those who have not yet obtained these convenient and magical functions may wish to give it a try! For example, NFC social sharing, games and NFC toy play. There is also NFC anti-counterfeiting technology that allows precious goods such as jewelry to use NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability.
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