RFID IOT Solutions and Personal ID/E-payment etc

Published byEdith atJune 24,2024

RFID tags play a role in identifying objects in the automation of RFID IOT

RFID IOT means that RFID technology is an important part of IOT.

RFID tags play a role in identifying objects in the automation of RFID IOT, and all objects can only become part of the Internet of Things after being identified. The internet of things(IOT) is to make full use of next generation IT technologies among the industries, and the technologies of RFID is an important part of IOT.

Our RFID solutions can improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs by combining sensors, RFID tags, and data processing. Realizing the digital management of factories and products can improve the flow from the factory to the entire supply chain and retail system. Big data obtained through the IOTs can predict market trends.

The rise of the RFID Internet of Things highlights the importance of RFID technology. In particular, industries such as industry, production, and logistics have begun to shift from a single traditional management system to a more systematic and intelligent RFID solution system.

RFIDSilicone provides a wide range of RFID applications that can be summarized into two categories: RFID IOT solutions, personal ID and cashless e-payment. The specific applications in various industries are as follows.

RFID in Retail & Apparel

Apparel Retail

RFID Laundry Management Solution

RFID Laundry Solution

RFID Healthcare

RFID Healthcare

RFID Solution for Library, Documents and Files

Library & Files Management

RFID Management Solution for Automotive Industry 


RFID Logistics Tracking

Logistics Tracking

RFID Waste Management

Waste Management

RFID Animal Identification Management

RFID Animal Management

RFID Food & Beverage QC Management

Food & Beverage

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